PROJECT ONE: Teamed with Helen Lu, Fiona Samson, and Tia Blunden

The goal is to increase the wear rates of PFDs (personal flotation devices). Although a difficult task, this can be accomplished with breaking the standard stereotypes about wearing PFDs. Many of our potential ideas involved making the PFD look "cool", or using a sense of humor to captivate the viewer. A project like this has a lot of potential to create a short video, so we intend to post our outcome on YouTube.

PROJECT TWO: Teamed with Fiona Samson and Dulce Ayala

Although we are going in a different direction than originally intended, we explore the iPad/iPhone as a way to encourage face-to-face interactions between others, rather than merely through a piece of technology. The iPad/iPhone is to be used as a tool, not the only means of communication. We are developing an app with a simple function, showing who is around you, with filters for "Human Web" and "Common Interests" which rates the relation of others to you. This is an adapted version of the 6 Degrees of Separation.